As well as a number of minor bug fixes, these are worthy of note:


            Fixed some problems with editing test results.


            Revised a number of message dialogs with the aim of increasing understanding and efficiency.


            Fixed a problem with the advanced search facility on the find pedigree dialog.


            Fixed problem with storing results of risk calculations and deleting those that are not useful.


            Annotations created with calculation results were failing. This has been fixed.


            Pressing F8 brought up an empty tab in the individual data dialog. It now produces the test result tab.


            Improved some error messages and also the position of dialog boxes when the main form is on a secondary screen.


            Fixed a bug with the order of siblings within sibships when symbols were added.


            Several other minor bugs fixed.


            Fixed a problem with half-siblings layout in questionnaire.


            Occasionally the password form would disappear and there was no way to get it on top. It should now stay on top of the main form.


            Fixed bug with adding children to a new generation when layout is simply added.


            Forms were not being displayed in logical positions on the screen. This has now been improved.


            Fixed some bugs in the delete relationship routine.


            Corrected stillbirth representation to match the pedigree standard.


            Fixed some problems with ages of cancer diagnosis in import of pedigrees from Excel spreadsheet.


            The latest version of the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access uses a default date format of datetime2(0). This is not compatible with the method ClinicalPedigree uses to update the database and prevents the program running from a migrated SQL Server installation unless the default date type is altered to datetime. Modifications have been made to allow for this newer date format.


            Fixed a bug that prevented the Cyrillic .fam file batch import from working.


            Fixed problem with the undo editing function, which was not working properly when reinstating deleted symbols - and the caption of the button did not reflect the current state of the undo stack.


            Fixed issue with external disease list showing in manifestations dialog.


            Appending pedigrees failed to record details of probands and partnerships properly.


            The option to show the date of death was dependent on the date of birth being shown. They are now independent options.


            The program will calculate the position of the drop-down line from parents to siblings. If the drop-down line has been moved by the user, then the calculation is now not carried out. These calculations are now optional (controlled by a checkbox in the drawing tab of the attributes dialog)although the default is to have it turned on.


            The military dates in GEDCOM files were incorrectly interpreted if they comprised less than the full date. This has been corrected.


            The "Known as" or nickname field in the individual attributes was not shown unless the first name field was also to be shown. It has been changed so that the nickname is shown regardless.


            When printing, the pedigree had been shifted to the left and down the page. This has been corrected.


            Fixed a problem with assigning unknown status to parents.


            Fixes to the layout of the general reporting dialog.


            Improved layout with GraphViz by excluding unattached partners from the GraphViz calculations.


            Key presses did not repeat for the direction keys and scrolling keys. They now do so with a repeat rate of 5 key presses per second.


            In the diseases edit dialog, have made more logical the way in which synchronising disease names works.


            Increased the length of the combo box for disease names in the find pedigree and reports dialogue and gave them the ability to perform an incremental search.


            Fixed a failure to register pedigree number when opening using code 601.


            Fixed a problem with integer overflow in very large pedigrees.


            Fixed problem with finding pedigrees with individuals with specific diagnoses


            Fixed problem with reporting individuals who have or have not had a genetic test.


      Fixed a number of memory leaks that might have lead to instability of the program.


     Fixed a problem with pedigree layout using GraphViz;

     Smartened up save and restore of form positions between opened and closed;

     If a pedigree had multiple overlapping sibships and multiple overlapping marriages, the layout algorithm could have problems and leave gaps in the drawing. This possibility is now taken into account;


     A bug in recalling previous searches in the find pedigree dialog has been fixed;


     Adding manifestations to a pedigree was not picking up the stored manifestation colour – this has been fixed;


     Editing pedigree details for selected pedigrees was not working properly in the administration dialog;


     Fixed selected symbols so that if are still on screen when scrolled, they stay selected;

     Fixed some other scrolling bugs;


     Adjusted the placement of age and characters at the upper right of a symbol;

     Several problems in the layout routines have been fixed;


     Tracking on the scroll bars now works properly;

     The mouse wheel had irritating behaviour if a symbol was selected – this has been fixed by clearing any selections;

     Fixed errors in the load and save queries functions in the reports dialog.

     Corrected problem with date functions in user log display;

     Fixed bug in joining a single parent to a child;

     Fixed bug in attempting to add a child to parents if they are all selected;

     Fixed a problem with the display of quarter symbols for the unknown sex symbol;

     Clicking on the line joining partners: Ctrl+Click changes position to the default;

     Fixed problem with long symbol definitions and tidied up the implementation;

     Reimplemented Shift+Ctrl+'D' -> child of unknown sex in Quick Edit mode;

     Fixed bug adding partner to someone with children and no partner who becomes parent of the children;

     Fixed problem with calculating the size of the pedigree, which was affecting the positioning of symbols in printouts as well as export images;

     Improved the sizing and positioning of pedigrees in printouts;

     Fixed problem with Shire input dialog, including errors in the SQL for SQLServer;

     Fixed adding partners and children to symbols of unknown sex. Previously, it was haphazard what the results looked like;

     Fixed crash when placing a child at the end of a generation which was smaller than the one above;

     Fixed problem with relationships when copying pedigrees to another database;

     Fixed problem with editing pedigree details;

     Crashed when returning from the print viewer when displaying a hint for a button on the ribbon;

     Tidied up the display when using GraphViz to lay out a pedigree;

     Finding a family by searching on a health number was not working; in addition, selected a family from an individual name or date of birth of health number highlights the selected individual;

     Line spacing did not change appropriately with scaling;

     Due to a change in the type of edit box, pedigree finding using the NHS number did not work; his has been corrected;

     The reports have been upgraded and should now be more flexible, with the actual SQL shown and page formatting can be altered before the report is run;

     Fixed a layout problem with multiple marriages;

     inserting children in the middle of multiple marriages is now more accurate and inserting to the left of a sibship now correctly takes note of any marriages;

     creation of new pedigrees has not been setting the creating date and the author correctly; this has been corrected, and the user is asked to enter the date pedigree information was collected and the pedigree name as well as the pedigree ID, in addition to the creation date which is set to the current date;

     Individual tests results were not being displayed in the Individual data form. This has been tidied up and the display and editing fixed;

     The editing of pedigree details from the Administration dialog database ribbon has been tidied up a little; columns which can not be edited are coloured light blue and clicking on the title of a column sorts on that column; clicking again reverses the order of the sort;

     Corrected bug in the haplotype bar code for the individual data form which made it impossible to set them up properly;

     Fixed hapolotyping bug;

     Fixed a problem with the import dll facility;

     Removed a check for very large pedigrees that was itself causing a problem;

     There was a bug in the handling of annotations that meant that in some circumstances, the program calculated the wrong position for the annotation with the result that printouts of the pedigree were too small;

     Fixed bug in BrCaPro output of BRCA1 and BRCA2 test status that on occasion showed person as BRCA2 +ve when untested;

     Fixed problem with creation of annotations from the results dialog after calculations;

     If first name was '?' and there was no surname, Boadicea output was shortened by one field;

     Ensured that forms are centred properly when working across two screens;

     Altered internal relationship processing a little in an attempt to avoid loops;

     It was not possible to create a link between a child and a parent without creating the other parent. This has been fixed;

     Printer settings were saved in the registry but this seems to have on occasion given problems; They are now saved in the local users ini file;

     The anchoring symbols facility was supposed to allow placement of symbols as the user required, but its implementation lead to major problems in some installations. Consequently, I have changed it. If a symbol or symbols are moved with the Ctrl key held down when the mouse button is released, the program remembers this new position as a deviation from the position it expects and will apply this deviation whenever a change is made to the pedigree, such as adding new members or asking for a repositioning;

The implementation of external disease lists was over complicated and has been simplified. As long as the administrator has created an external disease list, this will be available to every user;

     A bug in the BrCaPro module meant that BRCA2 mutation carriers were being assigned as BRCA1 mutation carriers. In addition, the registration of MSI and tumour location was nor fully implemented;

     Names containing full stops were being sent to Boadicea. They are now removed as  have most non-alphanumeric characters;

     Fixed a problem with names output to Boadicea - if the first name was "?" and several warnings about ages;

     Using Ctrl+n where n = 0-9 changes the number of individuals a symbol represents; this was not being saved not the database;

     Some pedigrees in which there are many anchored pedigrees display badly if symbols are added - the positioning routine works but then the anchors are added; a temporary fix removes the anchored-To-Symbol status; the intention is to do some checking where the anchors seem to be necessary;

     If the spacing of the pedigree was smaller than the current values, then repositioning the symbols could lead to them all being placed in one line; this is now corrected;

     If an age at diagnosis is greater than the current age of an individual, the age at diagnosis was reset for Boadicea output without warning to the current age; this has been changed so that a warning is given and the current age is changed to the age at diagnosis.