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CJC Pedigree Software is the creation of Cyril Chapman, the author of “Cyrillic 2”, once the most widely used pedigree drawing program for genetics professionals. Dr Chapman has recently retired from the position of Clinical Director for genetics services in Birmingham. He is now an Emeritus Consultant in Clinical Genetics at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford.

CJC Pedigree Software Ltd

What is ClinicalPedigree?

For genetics clinicians

ClinicalPedigree is designed to provide database storage and management of clinical pedigrees for clinicians…

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For pedigree based genetic research

ClinicalPedigree also provides facilities for clinical researchers who use pedigree information...

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A note for genealogists

ClinicalPedigree is not designed to assist you in managing your genealogical research, as it lacks many of the features that a you would expect...

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Welcome to the website for ClinicalPedigree

Providing pedigree management for clinical geneticists


For clinicians

For research

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