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CJC Pedigree Software is the creation of Cyril Chapman, the author of “Cyrillic 2”, once the most widely used pedigree drawing program for genetics professionals. Dr Chapman has recently retired from the position of Clinical Director for genetics services in Birmingham. He is now an Emeritus Consultant in Clinical Genetics at the Churchill Hospital, Oxford.

CJC Pedigree Software Ltd


Demonstration versions of ClinicalPedigree

These copies of ClinicalPedigree are fully functioning apart from the output options, including printing. A copy of an MS Access (Jet) database is included in the installation. The download is a standard Windows installation program.

The network version

This installation is intended to be placed on a network folder. In order to be to run the program, each user then only needs an icon on their desktop pointing to the program. All program settings and temporary files for that user are stored in the their roaming profile.

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The standalone version

This installation is intended to be placed in the program files folder on the user’s computer. Because the database is stored on the local machine in the Program Data folder, it is not accessible from any other computer. All user settings and temporary files are stored in the user’s roaming profile.

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